Free vs Paid SEO Tools

With so many SEO Tools out there we discuss what is the difference between Free SEO Tools or Paid SEO Tools…

First lets talk about some free SEO Tools. There are countless of them out there and pick the right “ONES” can be quite difficult… Yes you did hear me right when I said the right ones, when It comes to all the free programs out there and there are hundreds of them. But going for the free versions of all these packages you are limited in what you can do in each of these programmes…

This is where the problem comes in specially if you do SEO work for clients, if you use these tools you need to go from one SEO platform to another and another… You get my point right?

The other route that you can go down is a Paid for SEO Tools package something like AWR or Genius SEO Tools. We have worked with lots of different Paid SEO Tools Platforms and we find this is like have a ALL-IN-ONE SEO Tools program…

Genius SEO Tools offers everything from:

  • Keyword research tool
  • Backlink quality checker tool
  • Internal link optimization tool
  • Content submission tools

They even have these two amazing tools called:

  • Competitors Backlink spy
  • Competitor metrics

With these two tools you can see what your competitors are doing… Now think about that you can spy on your competitors!! you won’t get that in any of the free SEO Tools out there…

So when you are thinking about either go for a FREE SEO TOOLS or going for a PAID SEO Tools package you need to think about it carefully and see what is the best option that suits your needs…


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